Website Creation by WillyZ

How willySite works is, the WillyZ team will research your business or organization with your help and then we will create a nice clean 4 - 5 page website that we will present to you for approval. We do our homework on our clients and their target market, we also proof read and proof read and proof read.

The cost of your site includes hosting and the registration of your domain name for the first year, you have to do absolutely nothing, we will handle everything in regards to keeping your site online. We register the domain name and future renewals so you are always up and running. We can also work with you deciding on available names that would market well to your target audience. WillyZ has access to tools and filters that can search out quality names. Your Domain Name is always registered in your name to ensure you always have ownership.

WillyZ will submit and verify your website with the top search engines including Google. It is not uncommon to have a willysite crawled and showing up in searches within a few days. At the start of every project we take time to understand you and your business objectives, we then outline your online goals and produce clean quality websites that define you and your business. Another positive quality when working with us on your website is, when you need a minor change done such as adding a new employee's email address or adding new product offerings, we do not charge much and have been known to do changes for coffee and donuts.

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